This page will provide some articles and examples that we have wrote for some of our clients and which you might find usefull. If you would like to contribute or have comments, please send us a message on the contact page or via an email. Thank you

Oracle alert log as external table
PLSQL example on how to print ASCII table
oraset script. This script will setup your environment variables for Oracle database, similar to oraenv
Duplicating Database Instance without RMAN
Creating a custom security level to keep your data encypted in Oracle
Shell script to automatically set NLS_LANG shell variable
Examples and quick notes on using DBMS_SCHEDULER and DBMS_JOB packages
Unix Named Pipes and Export/Import utilities
Oracle Interview questions
Quick check to find out if there are blocked sessions
Display Oracle SQL Execution history
Korn shell script to view your Oracle sessions from Unix Prompt
Using SQL*Loader to generate random data for testing environments
On the fly management of Partitions in a table
Log Miner Example
PLSQL example on how to send email from Oracle
Performing a massive DELETE Statement
RMAN Example