Duplicating Oracle databases without RMAN

Duplicating the database without RMAN is very useful if you are not using RMAN for backups or if the database is fairly small, since this method requires significantly less setup, then RMAN duplication method. This method will work for small to medium size databases up to perhaps 10 - 20 GB. If the database is larger then that, then probably RMAN duplication is a better alternative. For RMAN duplication see Metalink document 73912.1 for RMAN Duplication.  The potential problem with this approach is that the target database will have the same DBID (Database ID) as the source database. Threfore, if you are planning to use the same RMAN recovery catalog for the target database as you are using for the source database, you will have an issue with the current incarnation, and therefore it will not work. The steps below would be for replacing the existing database (target) with the source database. For example lets say you have a test database (target) which needs to refreshed with production (source) database data


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